Would you rather work in a progressive organization and achieve more or stay put in a mediocre one striving to improve it?

We all have worked in both kinds of organizations. There, really, is no ideal organization and every place has its mixed dynamics as much as there are a melange of people who work there and bring in their set of values, drives and energies adding to or depleting the corporate culture.

I used to lament about the deep-rooted politics, credit-stealing, clique driven and yes-man culture in my last organization. And now when my niece cum soul child talks of her experience with a Swiss MNC or a progressively Indian Legal Services sector, I notice that things are not very different.

I am sure most of us want to work with wonderfully advancing organizations with utopian work environments without realizing that each of us is an essential cog in the corporate wheel.

My experience says that we need to do a lot of internalization and introspection in order to make our organizations optimum places to be in.

The three essential factors that go a long way in making your place of work one of the best places to work in, for you, are -
  1. Making intellectually-stimulated, synergized contributions to the greater good of your Company’s standing and Gross Output
  2. Balanced expectations that are as much in sync with your own behaviour as with your demand of the others
  3. and your adaptability quotient
Yet, having said all this, when the going gets really tough (and absolutely against your grain) then the tough get going (to find another place under the sun)!

So, how do you endeavour to make your Organization the best that you work in?